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World Goldpanning
Championships Nový Knín 2020


Welcome to the registration for the World Goldpanning Championships Nový Knín 2020. We appreciate that you have decided to pre-register using the on-line registration form. Thanks to this system, you and your friends will be able to check in faster at the registration desk in Nový Knín. The Goldpanning Championships will take place on 18th - 22nd August 2020. The competition site is located close to the town of Nový Knín.

Before you start the registration, please pay attention to the following. We highly recommend you to read the latest version of WGA Competition Rules and Guidance, which will be observed in the competitions.

Concerning the registration form, the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required to be filled in. We recommend that the field email address should be filled in although it is not mandatory. When the registration form has been submitted, a comprehensive registration information package will be sent to the email address given in your registration form. Based on the filled-in form you will be provided with the registration number which should be used in all communication with us. On-site registration will take place in the local school at Jiří z Poděbrad square 53, Nový Knín, which can be found at GPS coordinates 49°47'19.0"N,14°17'37.0"E. On-site registration for all official categories is closed on Tuesday, 18th August 2020, at 16:00!

In case of problems or questions, please contact us on our e-mail address info@novyknin2020.cz or leave a message. We are looking forward to meeting you at the Nový Knín competition venue on 18th – 22nd August 2020.

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